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What is ONDC ?

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is a solution tailored for small startups entering the digital sphere. By providing an open and transparent e-commerce infrastructure, ONDC reduces costs, simplifies technical requirements, and prioritizes privacy. This enables startups to navigate the digital landscape more efficiently, focusing on their core competencies without the burden of individual infrastructure development.

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    Artisans & micro entrepreneurs

WIL simplifies the integration of online stores with ONDC using custom WIL Adapters, streamlining the complex process into a seamless experience.

By enabling easy access to ONDC's vast network, WIL allows businesses to reach a broader audience, enhance customer engagement, and increase sales. Our dedicated support ensures a smooth transition, while our scalable solutions and security protocols safeguard transactions. With WIL, businesses can fully leverage ONDC's potential, driving growth and establishing a strong digital presence in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


Why is Joining ONDC Key ForE-commerce Owners?

Transparency Unmatched

Experience a digital marketplace where transparency reigns supreme, building trust and confidence among all users.


We have Something for Everyone

Retail Sellers

WIL streamlines ONDC integration, improving inventory and catalog management with tailored apps and adapters.

Retail Buyers

WIL crafts comprehensive custom apps, enabling buyers to easily access ONDC products and enjoy a rich e-commerce experience.

Logistic Sellers

WIL provides tailored logistics app solutions, improving order management and ONDC integration for efficient operational flow.


Why Partner with WIL?

Why Partner with WIL?





Our adaptive platform facilitates seamless integration with the ONDC seller platform, offering versatile solutions tailored to your unique business needs for a smooth e-commerce experience.



Our adaptive platform facilitates seamless integration with the ONDC seller platform, offering versatile solutions tailored to your unique business needs for a smooth e-commerce experience.

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    Begin by registering on our platform. It's a simple process designed to kickstart your journey towards integrating with ONDC, ensuring a straightforward start to expanding your digital commerce capabilities.


    Dig into our comprehensive suite of educational resources tailored to facilitate smooth integration with ONDC. These tools are crafted to empower you with the knowledge needed for a successful transition.


    Our team swiftly integrates your e-commerce store with the ONDC network, streamlining the connection process to open up new opportunities and market access for your business.


    Effortlessly upload your product details to the ONDC platform. This step is crucial for showcasing your offerings to a wider audience, ensuring your products are visible and attractively presented on the network.

    Go Live

    Complete your integration with our specialized live order and inventory management training. Master these essential aspects to manage your store on the ONDC network efficiently, optimizing your operations for success.


Frequently Asked Questions

WIL specializes in developing custom adapters that connect your e-commerce store seamlessly with the ONDC network, ensuring a smooth integration process. Our solutions are designed to enhance your digital presence and streamline inventory management.

ONDC empowers sellers, especially small retailers, by providing broader market access and the opportunity to compete alongside e-commerce giants. It's designed to boost visibility, expand business reach, and enhance competitiveness in the digital marketplace.

Joining the ONDC network is streamlined with our adapters for Shopify, Magento (coming soon), and WooCommerce (coming soon), facilitating effortless integration, enhancing your store’s visibility and operational efficiency. Simply sign up through our vendor application process to get started.

ONDC sets itself apart by creating an inclusive digital marketplace that connects vendors, buyers, and logistics providers on a unified platform. It democratizes e-commerce, offering equal opportunities for all participants and fostering a competitive yet fair trading environment.

ONDC offers CPG and D2C brands a platform to explore new markets and widen their customer base. It facilitates direct access to a diverse audience, enabling brands to scale their operations and reach previously untapped segments.